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About Us
Our Five Fires

Our Mission

Fix the common underlying cause of society’s five biggest
problems by rewarding well those who improve society.

  • eradicate involuntary poverty, globally, by 2050
  • make capitalism work for everyone, equitably
  • improve governance and strengthen democracy
  • rectify the behavior creating climate change
  • reduce societal conflict, and eliminate war by 2040
Our Organization

Creation of wealth and improvement of society are inherently in conflict.  In today’s age, this starts when traditional legal structures force new organizations to choose between the for-profit (wealth creation) path or the nonprofit (improvement of society) path, and then force them to stay in their chosen lane.  They then join the fight over the money.

Our goals require that we embrace both lanes, and that we effectively merge the two lanes into one to avoid this otherwise inevitable fight.  To achieve this, our organization includes: (1) an IRS approved 501c3 nonprofit organization, which acts as trustee of community funds and protects the primacy of our societal goals; and (2) a for-profit business that builds and operates the societal financial system and technology central to achieving our goals.

To ensure the integrity of the group, our founder and the officers and board of our nonprofit arm are precluded from financial equity in our for-profit arm or any other entity that benefits in any way from our efforts.

Our Core Principle

Our Societal Value Principle

Everyone who works full-time, their dependents, and those who cannot work for age, health, or other valid reasons, should have access to basic well-being – food, water, a place to live, physical safety, healthcare, education, merit-based economic opportunities, and basic wealth creation.

The responsibility for achieving these goals should be sensibly balanced between the individual and the society they live in.  Those who need work can be paid for work of value to society.

We do not seek to impose this principle on societies.  We will simply offer the opportunities it provides to communities and let individuals and organizations choose to take advantage of it or not.

Our Internl Rules

Rule One

We don’t take sides in any conflict, or in political, religious, ideological, legal, criminal, or moral issues, even though at times we will need to navigate complex issues in these areas.  Taking a side would immediately make us untrustworthy to at least one group of people and likely lead to our failure.  Trust is the basis of civilization, and of our success.

Rule Two

We have to earn people’s trust, in everything we do, every minute of every day.

hope is not a plan