Fixing The Underlying Cause
by fixing the common underlying cause
of our
societal and economic problems

Supercharging equitable Economic Growth

Pathfinder is fixing the common underlying cause of the world’s biggest problems by removing the inherent conflict between creating wealth and improving society.  We will dramatically increase the money used to improve society, without increased taxation; create new equitable wealth across societies; and offer everyone access to a livable income and further economic opportunity.

Eliminating Povery - 37 million Americans, over 7 years

We will provide everyone with a new path to economic growth.  In the process of doing that we will eliminate 98% of US ‘involuntary’ poverty within 7 years of going fully operational (in Philadelphia, 100% within the first year). America is just the start – the ‘underlying cause’ is a global problem.

Creating Cooporation out of conflict

Significant creation of wealth and improvement of society are inherently in conflict.  People basically choose one path or the other, or try to make do in between and do little of either.  It’s always been this way.

The conflict damages the effectiveness of both endeavors and is the root cause of poverty and societal instability, from local violence to international wars.  It causes enormous societal ills, including the human behavior behind climate change and the decline in democracy.

But now, all that is in the process of being changed … because:

Pathfinder is merging wealth creation and societal improvement to remove the conflict.  We enable the improvement of society by creating wealth, and the creation of wealth by improving society.

We will offer the opportunity to do both to every person, from the poorest to the wealthiest, and to every organization, the biggest to the smallest, businesses, governments at all levels, and nonprofits alike, everywhere on the planet.

And it’s so simple, easy, and attractive that it will be irresistible to most everyone.

Then watch the world change.

a rational,calculated approach to solving our biggest,a dn smallest, problems
Moving Our Economy

and using monetary rewards to drive behavior change

Fixing The Underlying Cause

1.  Our Biggest Problems … and Our Biggest Opportunity

Our biggest problems have a common underlying cause.  It must be fixed to solve any of them.  Pathfinder intends to fix it.

Society’s Unspoken Problem

2 slides – viewing time 1 minute

2.  Moving Society From Conflict to Cooperation

Pathfinder is aligning societal improvement and wealth creation to remove the inherent conflict between those two pursuits.

Executive Summary

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3.  The Common Underlying Cause

Using the Winning Formula is the best way to create wealth in our current economic game.  It holds a virtual monopoly.

The Winning Formula

14 slides – viewing time 3 to 5 minutes

4.  Supercharging Equitable Economic Growth

Through the use of new societal currencies and assets (non crypto), we can supercharge equitable economic growth and reduce societal conflict.

New Money, New Wealth

19 slides – viewing time 5 to 6 minutes

5.  A Winning Path Forward for Everyone

We are offering a new choice, allowing every person, organization, and government, at all levels, a better path to achieving their goals.

Short Briefing

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you can go through all five documents in about 15 minutes

“What we really need right now is not more cars, [Mars] colonization dreams, and technokings, but a collective project to improve the lives of billions of people around the world while taking on the immediate challenges we face.”
Paris Marx, Time, August 8th, 2022

The Bottom Line
  • This endeavor requires scale to work, and then rapid expansion to solve our big problems.
  • It obviously involves some risks … but we can, and will, make it work.
  • Continuing on our current path without fundamental change involves far greater risks.
  • The rewards from this succeeding are massive … and in many ways, beyond measure.

“Imagine how a more advanced civilization than ours would behave – it would not be letting its members live, and die, in poverty, nor would they be continually trying to injure or kill one another.  There is no reason we can’t become that civilization, and we need to, quickly, for our civilization to survive.  On average, 73% of people across 33 major countries believe we could see World War 3 in the next 25 years*.  Anyone who believes the next world war won’t go nuclear either lacks a deep understanding of the history of war or cannot face the likely violent death of their children.  But it’s not too late to change course and go to a much better place for everyone.”

Phil Heenan, Pathfinder Strategic Services

*source: Ipsos survey

hope is not a plan

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You can help create a better path to your own long term goals while helping bring about fundamental improvement in society.

With the support of people like you, we can solve our biggest problems rather than having to continually struggle with them or be overcome by them, and everyone can have access to a better life.  Please consider contributing to the extent you can.